Marjolein | Boudoir Session | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

{Photographer: Femke}

While I was visiting the Netherlands to photograph my best friend's wedding, I also met with Marjolein. A girl I had met online a few months ago, after she started following our Liefde Photography Instagram. We hit it off and decided we would do a boudoir session while I was back in the Netherlands.

We started our session with some hot tea and interesting conversations. Getting to know the person you photograph is always an important part of any photoshoot. Marjolein is not only a beautiful photogenic young lady, she's also a brand new mommy to a little baby girl, and a very creative person. Needless to say, she and I had enough to talk about and our session turned out wonderful. Marjolein was a natural at posing and we found some cool niches in her apartment which brought some fun variety to the shoot. 

I had a wonderful time shooting with you and finally meeting you in person Marjolein!

Janice + Tony | Married | Echteld, The Netherlands

{Photographers: Femke and Sandra}

I am so very excited to be sharing my best friend's beautiful wedding on our blog today! Janice, whom I met in high school (back in my home country, the Netherlands), and I have been really good friends for almost 15 years. Through thick and thin, and moving to the other side of the earth, our friendship lasted. Regardless of the fact that I now live 5000 miles away, she made it clear that I had to be at her wedding not only as her friend but also as the photographer. Of course I didn't want anything more than that. Before I talk about Janice and Tony's stunning wedding, I would like to express to Janice and Tony that I am so very happy that I got to be a part of the wedding, as a friend, and as a photographer. So, thank you! I also would like to give a special thanks to my sister-in-law and photographer Sandra Inden, who did an incredible job helping me on this day.

Janice and Tony are some of the most sweetest, kindest, and loving people I have had the privilege of knowing. Janice has always shown a true interest in the people around her, including me, and is one of the most generous people I know. I couldn't have imagined a better person for one another and I'm so happy that they found each other. And how they found each other is quite an interesting story. Janice and Tony are both big World of Warcraft fans and found each other years ago through playing this online game. They eventually met during a WoW group meeting and fell in love. 

Of course, their incredibly sweet gamer's love story became the theme for their wedding. From a WoW menu, name cards, and ring carrier, to cutting their wedding cake with a big sword. And the best part of their wedding must have been the location. They married in Kasteel Wijenburg, a beautiful historic castle located in a small town in the Netherlands. It was the most perfect day and I will look back at this day with a big smile on my face for many years to come.

Congratulations Janice and Tony! May you have the most beautiful future together!


Ashley, Jake, and Baylor | Family Session | Standley Lake, CO

{Photographer: Femke}

Ashley and Jake are getting married this coming December and since they welcomed a baby boy four months ago, they wanted to do a family session instead of an engagement session. I'm very glad they brought their little boy Baylor (love his name!) because he added so much cuteness to the photos. We got the most beautiful intimate family moments captured in between the turning leaves, yet it was still warm enough to dip Baylor's feet in the lake. Ashley and Jake are wonderful people and new parents, and there's no doubt Baylor is loved. I'm very excited to capture their winter wonderland wedding in December!

Erica | Boudoir Session | Denver, CO | Denver Boudoir Photographer

(Photographer: Femke)

I had picked out the perfect sunny day to shoot a warm, sun-drenched outdoor boudoir session with Erica. We waited for that beautiful golden light right before sunset but an hour before our shoot the clouds came rolling in and it started to rain. Even though I had envisioned something different, the light was gorgeous and we continued our session. Erica looked absolutely stunning in the white vintage dress I had picked out for her, and she couldn't have done a better job posing as her sweet and beautiful natural self.