Heather + Jeff | Married | Amelia Island, FL

{Photographers: Brian and Greg}

It is quite the funny story how Heather and Jeff found us as their wedding photographers. During their trip to the Netherlands a few years ago, they heard of the Dutch word "lief" which is the word people call each other for being sweet or a "sweetheart", since then they have started calling each other "lief". Once they decided to get married they googled the word "Lief" and our website "Liefde Photography" came up. They knew it was meant to be to have us be part of their wedding! We felt the same, and were honored and privileged to be part of their beautiful destination wedding at Amelia Island, Florida. Their intimate wedding was sweet, humble, and surrounded by just their close family and friends. In midst of the fog that had rolled in, Heather and Jeff said yes to one another and walked off the beach as husband and wife. Once back in Colorado they celebrated their union once again with all of their family and Coloradan friends at a stunning location cradled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, The Retreat at Solterra.

Thank you Heather and Jeff for having us be part of your gorgeous wedding and we wish you a very wonderful future together.

Brittany + Dennis | Engaged | Red Rocks, CO

{Photographers: Greg and Brian}

Brittany and Dennis truly are the perfect active Colorado couple! From traveling the world and running marathons to hiking the beautiful Rocky Mountains, they perfectly compliment one another. They also share a tremendously great sense of humor and appreciation for cinema (nearly identical to ours). This almost immediately made us feel comfortable with one another and we enjoyed quite a few laughs over Zoolander quotes ("Cool story Hansel"). It was certainly within the realm of possibilities that the four of us could have communicated solely through movie quotes for the entire duration of the shoot.

Aside from their hobbies and humor though, this vibrant couple also shares the same passion for teaching, which I truly admire. I won't lie, I went straight home and watched a historical documentary about Ancient Egypt while I uploaded photos (Thank you Dennis). Their students sure are lucky to have these two heading the classroom! 

It was our absolute pleasure shooting this couple and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day at Red Rocks Amphitheater for an engagement session. I also want to thank Brittany and Dennis (and Mom!) for sticking it out and hiking all over Red Rocks with us! Little did they know, they would be getting their daily dose of exercise on the shoot as well! 

Meghan + Jimmy | Engaged | Denver, CO

{Photographers: Brian and Femke}

Meghan and Jimmy are simply adorable with smiles that warm you up on the coldest days. We know that for a fact since we wandered around the city with them while the snow was coming down heavily. The big fluffy kind of snowflakes which makes for gorgeous winter engagement photos. With a few stops at Union Station and Ink Coffee to warm up, we kicked our feet through the snow and found some beautiful areas around downtown. With only a few days left before Jimmy had to head back to the Navy, they snuggled up and enjoyed every single moment together. Needless to say, we're very excited for this beautiful couple's wedding coming up!