About us


Liefde Photography is a family company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with a second location in Denver, CO in the United States. We work closely together (regardless of the distance) to document weddings all across the USA and Europe. As Destination Wedding Photographers we love to travel and no destination is too far for us. Each photographer is available to cover weddings in any location.


We could describe ourselves, our work, or our style with a million words but we like to keep it simple: we just love photographing weddings! Love, happiness, joy… it inspires us in our work! We like to take a step back, and photograph with a photo-journalistic flair to capture those pure moments without too many posed photos. By doing this we give you space to enjoy your day without getting in the way. Of course there’s always a time where you want us to capture certain important moments (formals) and of course those gorgeous portraits of the two of you as newlyweds.


Every person is unique, every couple is unique, and so is your wedding day. We’re not set in our ways and are open to anything that comes our way. Your personality is what we see, and we use our camera to let your beautiful unique self shine through in our photographs. Whether you’re a tomb boy or a romantic, and adventurer or a home body, Japanese or Italian... your culture and character is what we look at to capture your unique story perfectly. From the moment you put on your wedding dress to the minute you fall over from dancing all night, we’re there with you to tell your story in detail. Enjoy your day, and so will we!

Through the years we’ve worked with the most amazing couples, and we’re so grateful for these experiences. Because of our couples we’ve developed such a passion for our work and we hope to meet many more beautiful people this way.


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Femke Muntz

Greg Muntz

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