Marissa + Pete | Married | Rustic Mountain Wedding | Flatirons, Boulder, CO

{Photographers: Brian and Greg}

Marissa and Pete's wedding was incredibly sweet, beautiful, and one of the most humble, laid-back weddings we have ever photographed. On the summit of the Flagstaff Mountain they held their wedding at the Sunrise Amphitheater in front of their loving friends and family. Tears were flowing all around as Marissa and Pete said 'I do' and started their new life as husband and wife.

After the ceremony we took them to get some stunning newlywed photos in front of the Flatirons and headed to the  reception. When we arrived to the reception which was held in at the Eben G. Fine Park in Boulder, we immediately were impressed with the beautifully handcrafted items. From custom wooden name tags and silverware, to rustic centerpieces on the picnic tables alongside the creek, and heartwarming story- and photo boards. Needless to say, this wedding was an absolute delight to be part of and we wish Marissa and Pete a happy future together.

We wanted to share just a few of our favorites!