Elise and Penh's Denver City Wedding

{Photographers: Femke and Brian}

Elise and Penh, Penh and Elise.... we love them! From the day we met them at the airport (and how we became their wedding photographers), to our sweet little meeting over coffee, and their beautiful engagement session at the Union Station, we have loved Penh and Elise and their fun, spunky personalities. We can say by heart that we have never met a bride quite like Elise and a groom quite like Penh. Elise is one happy, very outgoing, bubbly person with so much energy, love, and life inside of her. A fireball! And Penh is the only perfect match for her. They're one amazing, inspiring, gorgeous couple whom we've been so delighted to photograph throughout their journey. We fully enjoyed this beautiful wedding at the Magnolia Hotel downtown Denver, a wedding we had been looking forward to for months. Congrats Penh and Elise! We wish you the most perfect future together!